The Upworthy Article

A few weeks ago I got an email from a writer at Upworthy. He was working on an article and in researching he had come across a piece I’d written for The Mighty and, in turn, my blog. He wanted to know if he could use excerpts from my piece within his piece. Before I could answer him I needed to know more about the tone of the piece and the content. What would he be telling the world that my name would be attached to? Turns out, he was working on a piece about random acts of kindness by strangers involving kids. After hearing this I was sold and gave him my blessing to write about our experience.

The world needs more kindness. Less judgment and more of people helping one another. Three years ago, I was the first to judge the mother whose child sat naked in a diaper in the Wal-Mart basket. To question “What is wroooong with that child??” when hearing a kid throw a tantrum. I thought that because my child was fully dressed, clean and quiet I was succeeding where they were not.

Then, I gave birth to the tantrum thrower. The child with the messy face and hair who may not always be wearing pants. The kid who has needs that may not be visible to the naked eye. I’ve learned not to judge anymore. Now, I want someone to say something. I beg them to give me their opinion. I wish some ballsy old version of myself would try to shame me. Because then I could put them in their place like only a Momma bear, therapy three times a week, braces and Baclofen twice a day, gotta get my son a wheelchair special needs kinda Momma can. I don’t want that.

Be kind to one another. Oftentimes that Momma is doing the best she can. We don’t know her story. She doesn’t know ours.

With that said, I am so humbled by the opportunity to have my work recognized and used for the greater good. A writer appreciated my work enough to use it in his own. That’s huge for this amateur! And also, so much love to Arick for inspiring me to write the original piece with his love and dedication to our son. He has my whole heart.