I Did It!

I finally got around to creating the blog so many people told me I should write!

Writing has always been therapeutic to me.  There’s just something releasing to me about getting it out, putting it down. I was the student whose eyes got wide with excitement when we received writing assignments. Several college professors frowned and shook their heads when I confidently announced that I was a nursing, and then social work, major. There’s still a part of me that longs to be a high school English teacher. I’ve gone to college, gotten a degree. Next it is Arick’s turn. Maybe then I’ll go back.

I feel like my experiences have provided me with something to say, even if no one listens. And maybe sometimes I just need to get a thought, fear or emotion out. That is what this is for.

Much of this will probably revolve around my children. I have two of the biggest blessings God’s ever given. Together my two living children and I fought and won against preeclampsia.

I’ll probably write a lot about prematurity, developmental delays and other aspects of parenting a former micro preemie who is medically complex. These issues take up the biggest part of my life right now, and will for a very long time.

Mostly, I hope to write about and share the accomplishments of MY greatest accomplishments and the man they call Daddy.

I’m going to try to keep up with this. Whether I’m laughin, crying or throwing a fit…



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